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Larry Brooks
Healthy Homes Department
Including the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

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Messages from the Experts

No Safe Level

"No safe level of lead exposure has been identified."

American Academy of Pediatrics,
August 15, 2007

IQ Impacted at Low Levels

"Evidence (from this cohort) indicates that children's intellectual functioning at 6 years of age is impaired by blood lead concentrations well below 10 micrograms per deciliter, the CDC definition of an elevated blood lead level."

Environmental Health Perspectives,
February 2008

Clinician's and Housing-based Prevention

"The focus in childhood lead-poisoning should shift to primary prevention, with a goal of safe housing for all children."

American Academy of Pediatrics,
Policy Statement, October 2005

Local Medical Providers

Photo of Dr. Nicki Brito

"Lead poisoning is incredibly sneaky - children with elevated levels usually have no symptoms but the negative impact it can have on a child's cognitive development is significant. The Bay Area is a diverse urban environment, which means we sometimes find lead sources in places we wouldn't usually suspect. Lead poisoning prevention starts in the home. Parents need to know how to keep their families safe as well as the importance of screening our children and pregnant moms-to-be. As clinicians, we play an important part in educating families on how to stay healthy and strong. I've worked closely with the Alameda County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program and feel lucky to be supported by such a dedicated and talented team."

Nicki Brito, MSN FNP
Department of Pediatrics
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center

Photo of Dr. Steven Chen

"Given that there is no safe level of lead exposure, it is critical to prevent lead poisoning and its harmful effects on children's' cognitive development. To this end, we at Asian Health Services, have expanded on the CDC's recent 2010 recommendation to screen all pregnant women for lead poisoning. We have instituted universal blood lead level screening at the initial prenatal visit on all of our pregnant women, many who have multiple risk factors for lead exposure. This front line screening is strengthened by outstanding back end services of the Alameda Lead program - comprehensive public health nurse case management and expert lead abatement services for contaminated homes. With this wrap around approach, we hope to eliminate elevated blood levels in our communities."

Steven Chen, MD
Asian Health Services

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